Parent Letter for 2021-2021 Academic Year

We are currently working on detailed plans for the 2021-2022 school year that will support our students to achieve academically in a safe environment. While the plan is still developing, evolving as state and federal guidelines change, we want to share some basics of the plan and provide an opportunity for feedback and suggestions.

Our goal next year is to provide safe, in-person instruction for all students. While things might not be 100% back to normal, we anticipate that many activities and structures that students and families miss will return next year. Our hope is that the continued low case numbers and transmission rates combined with increased access to vaccines will allow our students, teachers, and families to experience school in-person.

As you know, Governor Lee has mandated that Tennessee schools return in-person next year. However, there is a small possibility that students will be able to enroll at MSE and receive virtual education services through an external partner. We are still waiting for clarity from the state and district on these policies. We hope to be able to communicate these potential options with you by mid-July.

We know that many of you have concerns about the learning loss your students may have experienced during the pandemic or how your student will re-engage in an in-person environment. To respond to these issues, MSE is committed to providing additional support to make sure that student needs are met during the 2021-2022 school year. Our plan centers on three key areas:

 Additional support during school hours: We will continue to use data to drive instruction next year, identifying gaps in learning and tailoring instruction to meet student needs. Our current RTI programs will continue with additional staff, and ELA and math class schedules will be restructured to provide students with more tailored opportunities for standards-based support and intervention.
 Additional hours of support: In addition to offering a summer learning program for all students in grades K-8 each summer for the next several years, we will also return to providing optional Saturday tutoring for students. Teachers will continue to offer after school tutoring, and students will be able to check out devices to continue their learning at home as needed.
 Engagement and relationship building: Our campuses plan to offer a full slate of extracurricular activities next year, allowing students to re-engage with clubs they know and love. Each campus is planning on hosting a variety of on-campus events for parents to reconnect with the campus and will continue the increased communication efforts from this year. We’re working on adding even more STEM to our campuses, providing students with another path for engagement.
We are excited for the 2021-2022 school year and can’t wait to have students back in the building! We will continue to send updates as we have more information.

MSE Administration

Memphis School of Excellence Mendenhall (K-8)

Memphis School of Excellence Winchester (9-12)

Memphis School of Excellence Elementary Cordova (K-5)
Memphis School of Excellence Cordova (6-9)