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Board of Directors

Read Foundation Board Members                                                                                  Updated: 07/19/2021
Board Member #1:
Position : President
Name: Dr. Richard E. Potts
Board member #2
Position : Treasury
Name : Patty Farmer

Board Member #3
Position: Vice President
Name: Veda V. T. Cherry

Board Member #4
Position: Secretary / Member
Name: Dr. Ismail Fidan

Board Member #5
Position: Member
Name: Dr. David Akdemir

Board Member #6
Position: Member
Name : Dr. Cem Akkus

Academic Committee Members Finance Committee Members
Dr. Richard E. Potts
Dr. Ismail Fidan
Dr. Cem Akkus
Dr. David Akdemir
Patty Farmer
Veda V. T. Cherry
Dr. Cem Akkus
To contact board members, please email [email protected] 
Executive Director
Name: Samuel Beyhan, Ed.D.
Director of Culture and Discipline
Name: Terrance Henderson