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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does my child qualify for services?   
Each student fills out a Home Language survey to be used as an initial referral. Students from a non-English language background will be assessed using the W-APT screener. If a student qualifies after testing, they will receive the appropriate ESL services and support.
  • How does my child exit the program?
    The annual WIDA test will determine when a student has achieved English Language
    proficiency in all 4 domains (4.4 Overall Composite Score-Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing, and 4.2 in Literacy). When this occurs, the student will exit the ESL program but will continue to be monitored to ensure academic success. 
  • What else can I do at home to help?
    Be sure to stay in contact with your regular classroom teacher and the ESL teacher.
    Be sure to visit our resource page for online tools to help support your child with English Language acquisition.
  • What is an ILP?   
ILP stands for Individual Learning Plan, an individualized support plan for each student that is provided to the classroom teachers to ensure academic success. Each ELL at MSE has an ILP with growth goals. Teachers are responsible to monitor growth in four skills(SWRL) through benchmarking, formative assessments.