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Parent Teacher Conference

Dear Parents and Guardians, Parent-Teacher Conference will be held on Thursday, September 18, 2014.  Parent Teacher Conference starts at 4:00 pm and will end at 7:00 pm. All Parents welcomed to come in, meet the staff, and tour the school.

Visit The Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System (TVAAS)

Please click here to read more . . .

MSE 2014 High School Volleyball

Please Click below to see the 2014 High School Volleyball Game Schedule

Please click here

Parent Portal

Dear MSE Parents,

You can log in to the school database
-to monitor your child's progress,
-to contact to your child`s teacher,
-to see assigned homework
-to see your child`s attendance
-to see your child`s "Discipline Points"

What you need to do is to enter your user name and password as shown below and click on the login button.

User Name: Your child's first name and last name with a space between them.

Password: Your child's date of birthday, for example (01/01/1999).

2014-2015 MSE Science Fair

Dear Parents and students, Each year we have a mandatory school-wide Science Fair at Memphis School of Excellence. This year Science Fair will be on Saturday, December 14, 2014. This first package has been given to you to provide information regarding the requirements and guidelines that need to be followed. It also provides basic information about Science Fair Projects.   All MSE students are required to prepare a Science Fair Project. The Science Fair Project is worth over 1500 points.. Due to the high number of points possible for the project, grades of students who do not complete a project will be affected severely for each quarter. It is extremely important that we work together to ensure success for these students on these projects.

Click here to see General Judging questions

Click here to see Science Fair Program

Click here to see Science Fair Judging Worksheet

Click here to see MSE Science Fair Handbook 2014-2015

Click here to see parental notification Form

Click here to see project_proposal_form

Click here to see Research Plan attachment 2014-2015

MSE Free Mobile App

Memphis ParentMobile application is for parents of Memphis School of Excellence. Parents can keep in contact with the school and track their child's progress. Please download only if you have a valid username and password. The mobile app is now available for download in both the Apple and Android markets. The School Connect application will work with all app-ready Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPad2, iPod Touch) and Android operating system devices (phones and tablets).

Application features:
-Access to information about your child's grades, homework, discipline points, attendance, bell schedule, payments, calendar, and school news.
-Receive push notifications about your child's progress (grades, homework, discipline points, attendance), school news and events.
-Support for access to multiple student accounts.
-Offline viewing of your child's data. You can view your child's' data even when you are not connected to a network.
-One click login once you save your child's login information.
-Email communication with your child's teachers without leaving the application.

Parent Resources

Please click here to see MSE Student Code of Conduct

Please click here to see Zeroes Are not Permitted (ZAP)

Please click here to see Positive Reinforcement System (PRS)

Please click here to see Positive Reinforcement System Points (PRS)

Please click here to see Parents Guide to Cyber Bullying

Please click here to see 2014-2015 Uniform Policy

Please click here to see Student pick-up drop-off procedures 2014-15

MSE Suggestion Box

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MSE Database


 September 15, Monday
Volleyball Game 5:00 Location: City Universiy
 September 16, Tuesday
Volleyball Game 5:00 Location: 1115 College St.
 September 18, Thursday
Parent Teacher Conference (4-7 pm)
 September 19, Friday
District Learning Day (no classes)
 September 23, Tuesday
Volleyball Game 5:00 Location: Wooddale Middle
 September 25, Thursday
Volleyball Game 5:00 Location: Wooddale Middle
 October 3, Friday
End of the 1st Quarter
 October 6, Monday
Fall Break (no classes)
 October 7, Tuesday
Fall Break (no classes)
 October 8, Wednesday
Fall Break (no classes)
 October 9, Thursday
Fall Break (no classes)
 October 10, Friday
Fall Break (no classes)
 November 11, Tuesday
Veterans Day (no classes)
 November 26, Wednesday
Thanksgiving Break (no classes)
 November 27, Thursday
Thanksgiving Break (no classes)

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